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Shamanism is one of the oldest beliefs that is more concerned about the spiritual world than the human one. This means that it suggest the solution of every physical problem, illness is caused by a problem of the soul. The soul has to be fixed in order to achieve physical health. The “hurt” soul has to be fixed in order to maintain the balance between physicality and spirituality. The balance within a person also leads to balance within the society and that is what shamanism aims socially.

In shamanism it is believed that there is a duality of the soul. This means that people have two spirits. One stays in the body controlling the physical functions of an individual. The other one is the free spirit that can go in and out from the body; it is like the connection of each individual to the spiritual world. Because of this belief of duality of the spirits everything is related to the soul, physical illnesses are also related to the soul.

Shamans, who are like priests in shamanism, have the duty to guide people to achieve the balance. They guide lost souls, cure the hurt ones, neutralize the negative energy ruining the balance and try to maintain peace within the society. Besides these duties the shamans also carry certain traditional values from generation to generation and they lead the sacrifice ceremonies.

In prehistoric times shamans conducted religious rituals in caves where common people weren’t allowed to enter. They used to communicate with the spiritual world by cave drawings and engravings and they also used to draw their hallucinations, dreams, visions they experience while their connection to the spiritual world. This shows that the art of prehistoric times is mostly related with the religious rituals of the shamans.

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