Rosetta Stone

October 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

It is the stone that has texts written in three different ways: one with ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs, the other with Egyptian demotic script and the last one with ancient Greek alphabet. Because of that this stone is very important in solving the Egyptian hieroglyphs.

The fact that there are three different scripts telling the same thing can be explained. The rulers changed in Egyptian history and with the change of each ruler scripts Egyptians used also changed.

First, Egyptians used hieroglyphs and they used hieratic for governmental and commerce purposes. Later on they started to use Demotic, which is an easier version of the hieroglyphs. Demotic was used because the priests thought that the message written on Rosetta stone had to be read by every Egyptian. Later on when Christianity spread in Egypt it was necessary to add a third script. Final script used Coptic that has 24 Greek letterforms and a few Demotic characters.

Rosetta stone is found in 1790 in Egypt and it is considered and it is considered as one of the most important things affecting the modern typography. The slab serifs are influenced from the Egyptian columns and this is related to the discovery of the Rosetta stone. By this discovery, Egyptian forms became popular all around the world and that’s why typographers were influenced by the study of a different culture.

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