Johannes Gutenberg

October 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

He is the German printer and goldsmith who invented the modern printing method. He invented the movable printing method and it lead to the Printing Revolution. It is also important because many of the important events such as Renaissance, Reformation and the Scientific Revolution were realized thanks to his invention. He first used his invention in 1439. Besides inventing the first movable printing machine he had many other contributions in the printing area. For example he used oil based ink and the wooden printing press. And also his inventions lead to mass production of books so the knowledge was spread more easily.

Guttenberg printed several books between the years 1450 and 1455. However these books are not that much known because they didn’t have name or date. Later on he printed the Bible starting in 1450 and this was a very important event. The reason was that it was much more cheaper than the handwritten Bible and it took much shorter time to prepare it. It was also spread more easily when Guttenberg started to print it. When the copies of this Bible are analyzed with the criteria of modern day there are some missing parts such as paragraph breaks, page numbers and paragraph indentations. The Bible that Guttenberg printed was later on ”illuminated” (illustrations were added).

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