Old Style Typefaces

November 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

Old style typefaces appeared in fifteenth century before modern typefaces. They are closely related to calligraphy. This can be understood from their common characteristics such as having curved strokes and from the similarities in thick thin relations. In old style typefaces it looks as if the letters are drawn with ink and pen like in calligraphy. In old style typefaces the contrast based on the thick thin relation is not that obvious. There is not much contrast. Another characteristic of old style typefaces is that the letters have an angle. This means that if a line passes from the thinnest strokes, for example the letter “o”, the line has an angle to left. This characteristic also allows old style typefaces to be used in continuous texts because the angle and the thick thin relationship allow the text to be easier to read. Examples of Old Style fonts include Garamond, Gaudy Old Style, Perpetua and Minion Pro.

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