Pinhole Camera

November 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

Pinhole camera is the originator of the camera obscura. It is simply a box that doesn’t let light inside. Instead of a lens, it only has a small hole that serves as an aperture. The light passes from this hole and creates an upside down image. A Chinese philosopher called Mo-Ti founded the principles of the pinhole camera. He called his camera as a “ collecting plate” or “locked treasure room”. He was also the initiator of Mohism. Mohism is the philosophy that is simply based on universal love. However the pinhole camera goes back fourth century BC to philosophers Aristotle and Euclid. Later on in tenth century Alhazen developed the idea. He found out that the size of the pinhole affects the image sharpness. Later on in 1600 a lens was added to the pinhole camera.

A pinhole camera has a manual shutter. This means the person using the camera decides the length of the exposure time. The person lets the light in as long as he/ she wants and later on covers the pinhole with something that doesn’t let light in. The exposure time can change from five seconds to many days. It is up to the result that the photographer wants to obtain. For example the pinhole cameras are used to capture the movement of the sun, this gives an idea about the exposure time of pinhole cameras.

A Scotish scientist took the first photograph with a pinhole camera in 1850. He was named David Brewster.


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