Dada Manifesto by Hugo Ball

December 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

This is a text written by Hugo Ball in 1916. This text explains the principles of the Dada movement. He explains that Dadaism is a new form of art; in fact it is anti-art. He explains that Dadaism is a movement that appears suddenly. This means that people don’t know about in one day but next day everyone starts talking about it because it has a huge impact between the artists and other people. The reason for this huge impact is that it is very different that the “art” known for years. It is against everything in art. The name of this movement is very simple. It has different meanings in different languages. At the beginning of the manifesto Hugo Ball explains these meanings. In French it means hobbyhorse, in German it means good-bye and in Romanian it means “yes, definitely right”. As it can be seen it is such a simple word for such an important movement and it’s meaning as a word is ordinary.

The use of such an ordinary and simple word also refers to not being captivated by the rules and norms in every aspect of life. This means that the simplification should be valid in every aspect such as the name of the movement. It also rejects the use of word invented by others; they want to use their own inventions of words.

They want to express themselves as they wish and it is only possible if they can be freed from using previously invented words, forms, and rhythms. They even question why a tree is called tree but not another word such as “Pluplusch”.

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