El Lissitzky

December 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

He is a Russian graphic designer, artist, typographer, photographer and architect. He is one of the leading figures of Russian avant-garde. Together with Malevich, he developed suprematism. Suprematism is a movement that is based on using primary geometric forms. Lissitzky designed several exhibition displays in favor of the Soviet Union. He was also very important because this movement and his work influenced other important art movements such as Bauhaus and other constructivist art movements. On the other hand his work is very important in terms of twentieth century graphic design. One of the most important principles that Lissitzky’s career was based on was that he believed that an artist had to achieve goal-oriented creation. This basically explains the approach of a graphic designer, especially in advertisement. This means and a designer can add his her personal style and have a different approach on a project but he or she must respond to what the “client” or “ main goal” of the project asks from him or her.

He worked with important figures of Bauhaus and De Stijl while his stay in Germany where he worked as the Russian cultural representative.

In 1919 El Lissitzky returned to Vitebsk to teach graphic arts, printing, and architecture at People’s Art School. Lissitzky participated in design and print of propaganda posters. However later on, he chose to keep quiet about this period of his works most likely for the reason that one of most important subjects of these posters was the send away of Leon Trotsky. The quantity of these posters is satisfactory to consider them as a separate type in the artist’s production.

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